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Samson's Spotlight:
From Guard Dog
to Couch Hippo



Hey, my name is Jade! I was used as an outdoor guard dog for the first few years of my life until being dumped at a shelter by the only family I’ve ever known. I languished away at that shelter for a year before Rebirth Rescue was notified about me. They quickly came to my rescue and have been giving me the best care and training. I waited until the year after that for someone to notice me while I bounced around temporary fosters and training programs. Then, Rebirth Rescue had to close their doors due to financial hardship and now I’ve been welcomed into Samson’s Squad!

I am about 4 years old, spayed, and up to date on all my shots. I am even kennel trained and house broken! I love wearing my sweaters and jammies, and I sleep about 90% of the day! My favorite thing is to do is splat out on the floor and snooze on all the comfy things! For fun I enjoy the playing with the water hose or taking a dip in the pool. I am obsessed with peanut butter treats, but please due to my allergies I'm a pescatarian. l love everyone I meet and smother them with kisses, but I do need to be the only animal in the house due to my previous traumatic life. I am looking for a calm, strong leader who will continue my training because I have a whole year of training already under my belt, and I want to continue to grow. I am muzzle trained (and I look so cute!), e-collar conditioned and I loose leash walk like a champ. I know place, stay, wait, leave it and more! I look to my leader for continued instructions.   I am the bestest girl, and I am looking for my happy ending. Please say you’ll take me home to be your house hippo. Apply to foster or adopt me today!

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