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Samson's Spotlight:
Murphy's Rescue
A Story of a Saved Senior


Meet Murphy the Meatball! He is a senior Pittie who is approximately 7 years old and a whopping 81 lbs. His story is a sad one, but we are turning that around now! This poor guy has been abandoned multiple times and left outside to fend for himself. First abandoned at a car wash and then taken in by someone else just to be chained up outside 24/7 in all kinds of weather.  His new "owner" decided he wanted nothing to do with him and considered euthanasia, but instead decided to put him to the streets. He was out in the pouring rain, and being harassed and beaten by homeless people on the street. Thankfully a good samaritan neighbor came to his aid, bringing him out of the rain and keeping him away from other outside dangers in her bathroom, the only available space she had away from her own animals. She reached out to get him help and that's where Samsons squad came in. Less than 24 hours later, he was safe with us. Even though he arrived covered in tar, cigarette burns, and scars he met us with a smile, a wiggle, and so many thank you kisses. 


We immediately took this gentle giant to the vet, where he was the bestest boy! Although his ears were badly infected, he allowed the technicians to clean and treat him with no fuss, and asking for booty scratches the whole time! He has a clean bill of health otherwise and is just so happy to be off the streets. While waiting for his foster mom to pick him up, all he wanted to do was be loved on and get belly rubs. Now that he is home with his foster mom and settling in, he just loves to lounge around on his comfy couch and gaze out the window at the birds. He is a very polite and even a house trained boy who would love to spend the rest of his days napping and going for walks, where he will undoubtedly make friends on any path he chooses. Despite his size he is even gentle with all people, even little kids!


Murphy would likely do best in a home as an only pet. A home where he can just be loved on and lounge around with his human. Like to snuggle and sleep in? Murphy is your guy! This boy loves to eat and sleep, with an occasional romp around the house or game of tug before resuming his nap time. 


Apply to take this wonderful meatball home today!

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