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Ready to take home one of our gorgeous animals furever?

Easy as 1-2-3!


1- Click the button below and download the app

2- Fill it out COMPLETELY and save it to your computer

3- Email your completed app to

(Don't forget the home check photos!)

*Please note- incomplete applications will not be processed*


Adoption FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the adoption process look like?

Our adoption process is complete in three easy steps!

  1. Application - Fill out an adoption application completely. We do not process incomplete applications! You can download an easy click and fill PDF above, and email it over to Make sure to include your virtual homecheck!

  2. Interview - Once we begin to process your application, we may reach out to schedule a phone interview!

  3. Meet & Greet - We'll schedule a meet & greet with you and your household including your furry friends to make sure it's a great fit for you and your pup!

What are your adoption fees?

Adoption fees range from $350-$600 for Domestic Animals, and $1300-$1500 for International Animals. All adoption fees cover: Vaccinations, Spay, Neutering, Microchips, bloodwork, fecal tests and any other essetial needs for your pup while they are in our care.  International adoption fees cover all of this, with the added cost of travel, and customs brokers, and paperwork. They also ensure that we can continue to rescue dogs in need!

Do you adopt out of state?

Yep! We want the right home for every dog we rescue, whereever that home may be! We just require a virtual home check, and the adopter make the trip to Los Angeles, for the meet & greet, and to pick up your pup!

I submitted an application and haven't heard back, what now?

Samson's squad is a small team that works to review all applications within 7 days. If you haven't heard back from us within that time frame, double check that you sent in a complete application! If it's been over 7 days, and the application was complete, please send an email to

Are your dogs fully vetted?

Yes! We work to ensure that our pups are given a clean bill of health before adoption. If your dog has a life-long condition, it will be noted in their bio as well as thoroughly discussed with you during your interview.

If the dog I adopted is not as described can I return it?

Adoption is a lifetime commitment, and we kindly ask to consider that commitment before giving up on your pup, or even adopting! Every dog is unique in their experience, and we cannot know every aspect of their life. It can take up to 3 months for your dog to start becoming completely comfortable in their new home, and behavioral issues can arise that weren't apparent before because the dog has been under severe stress. If this does happen, we are here to help! We can recommend methods, trainers, and behaviorists, that can help! We always say if there is even one reason that would make you give up on your animal, please do LOTS of research before considering adopting one in the first place. We cannot risk retramatizing already traumatized dogs, and we would hope their adopters would love them unconditionally and do anything to make it work just as they would with a child or another member of their family. 

That said, if you decide you are not willing to fulfill the commitment you made when adopting, we absolutely require you bring the dog back to us, and not rehomed or surrendered elsewhere. 

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