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We can't rescue without YOU!

It's true! We need fosters and volunteers now more than ever! Head over to our foster page for more info and to apply! Can't foster? We need help in so many ways! Freedom rides, walks, adoption events, and even social media exposure! We would love to use your unique talents to help our mission, whatever that may be. Contact us today!

We also accept cash donations via Venmo and PayPal! 


We're always looking for volunteers to help with our pups! Whether you'd like to help with events, or just walk a dog, we love when people want to join the squad! Just click below to fill out our volunteer form and send it to

white adoptable dog
black and white adoptable dog

Join Samson's Street Team!

Can't foster, adopt or volunteer, but still want to help? Join the street team! Download the following flyer, print it, and post it up, at local spots, such as  coffee shops, pet shops, vets, barbers, libraries, or anywhere that will let you!

Cuddly Campaigns

Samson's Sanctuary is committed to keeping the squad safe and healthy while we find their forever homes. As any pet owner knows, they have a habit of getting into trouble that costs a little bit extra to get them out of! Cuddly allows us to raise funds for these moments.

Jade is a dog up for adoption
cocoa is a dog up for adoption

Jade: It's Been 2 Years Since Jade Was Abandoned By Her Family & She's Still Waiting For A New Home

Cocoa: Korea To USA: Help This Boy Saved From Dog Meat Farm Catch A Flight To Freedom

Murphy is a dog up for adoption
Gus is a dog up for adoption

Murphy: 7 Yr Old Pitbull Is Found With Cigarette Burns & Tar All Over & His Ears Were Cut With Scissors

Gus: Help Horribly Abused & Fearful 2-Year-Old Dog Build Pivotal Trust And Self-Confidence

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