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Can't Adopt? FOSTER!

Fostering saves lives! Until Samson’s can raise enough funds to open a physical sanctuary, we rely 100% on our foster families to provide a safe, happy transition for the animals until we can find them the perfect furever home.

Easy as 1-2-3!


1- Click the button below and download the app

2- Fill it out COMPLETELY and save it to your computer

3- Email your completed app to

(Don't forget the home check photos!)

*Please note- incomplete applications will not be processed*

small adoptable dog

Foster FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to foster?
We hope you’ll be able to foster until their adoption day! Every dog is different, one might be adopted in a few days, and another in a few weeks or even months. We appreciate and will consider all foster inquiries. If you can only do temporary fostering we still encourage you to apply and make a note of it!

What is expected of a foster parent?

All we expect is that you provide a safe, patient, nurturing home for your foster to become their best self! Help them overcome any fears they may have coming into a new home, be it crate training, being alone in a room, walking on a busy street, etc. Spend time with them, get to know their personality, take loads of pics and vids so we can get them out there and into their furever home!  Any influencers in the house? Social media is one of the best ways to get your foster adopted!


Some fosters may require more training and patience than others, and we will do our best to pair people to animals accordingly based on your schedule and availabilities. If your foster requires professional training, we have a trainer on our team that can come to you weekly, and give you a plan for the week! Most importantly, give them TIME to decompress and adjust, and try not to have expectations, as every dog is different!


The worst thing you could do for a rescue dog is agree to foster and then give up in two days (yes it happens often, and it's never the dogs fault) the second a challenge arises, forcing the dog to be bounced around and start the process all over again. Fostering can be the greatest most fulfilling joy, but it is going to require work so please do your research and be as best prepared as you can be. Of course we are here to help you along the way in anyway we can, as long as you stick to your commitment!  

Does Samson’s supply food, supplies, and vet care?

Yes! We cover all bills. However if you would like to help extra and donate some food/toys to your foster during their stay we would very much appreciate it! If fosters need something specific and would like reimbursement, we ask that they get approval before purchasing (we might already have what you need in our storage!). If Samson’s supplies any equipment (harness, crate, etc) please return it when your foster is adopted.

Can I pick my foster?

You can request whoever catches your eye, and if its a good match they’ll be on their way to you! Some of our more challenging rescues may require a second conversation to make sure there are no surprises, and everyone can feel safe and relaxed.

I don't live in the LA area, can I still foster?

While we often adopt out of area, fosters must be in the LA area. We will consider out of area fosters for very special cases (behavioral, fospice, etc), but in most situations fosters should live in the LA area so they can attend weekly adoption events, meet and greets, and be easily accessible should you need extra supplies, support, or training. We want our fosters to feel fully supported by our team!

What if I work full time?

Many amazing fosters do! There’s a match for everyone. Maybe a sweet, sleepy, senior would love to snooze in a comfy bed until you get home…sure beats a scary, stressful shelter! 

What if I fall in love with my foster?

We won’t lie… we love foster fails! While we give our foster families priority when it comes to the adoption process, they still have to fill out an adoption application and go through the same process as everyone else. If you decide you want to adopt your foster within the first 10 days of meeting them we’ll even give you 15% off the adoption fee as a thank you!

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