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Samson's Sanctuary

Always Stay Together

Animal Rescue & Adoption

Est. September 2021

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About Us

Samson's was founded by Rickie Tice who grew up surrounded by animals, and always had a need to help the mangiest of mutts. Their first word was "dog" ! From stray dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, and anyone else that needed a little help, Rickie was there with the patience and care they deserved on their road to rehabilitation. At Samson's we are dedicated to finding the purrrfect home for all of our rescues, no matter the temperament, size, age, or anything else, we truly believe there is a home for everyone. Our motto is "Always Stay Together" inspired by Samson himself, who always wanted to make sure everyone felt safe. We must always stay together on this mission and remember that everyone deserves to feel safe at home.

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These pups have been with us for over a year!
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