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Adoption Stories

"Always stay together"

These members of Samson's Squad found their furever homes!



Ziggy (fka MAC) was rescued as a baby with his siblings off of a mountainside road, covered in ticks and starving! 

His brother and sister have already been adopted, and finally his turn came! 

Ziggy's new pawrents had been keeping their eyes on him on our instagram,  and when they met in person they knew it was meant to be! 

Happy tails for you, Ziggy! Have the best life with your new family, we love yoU!



Darla was rescued as a stray at 3.5 months old and brought into the OC animal shelter, where she immediatly  shut down and was labeled as "snappy." The poor baby was terrified, and also in need of cherry eye surgery. We pulled her from the hselter and got her all fixed up and feeling better right away! 

The pawfect ending to her rescue journey? She was adopted by Samson's GodPawrents! She is in for the BEST life ever! Happy tails, Darla, we love you!



Georgie (formerly known as Angela) gets a new furever family and a new name! A fresh start for this beautiful girl.  This is Georgie with her perfect pawrents!

From being red listed in the shelter, to unconditional love. We are so happy for you Georgie. She can’t wait for long walks on the beach and snuggles in bed!



Sugar has found her forever home with her foster mama! We are so, so happy to know that Sugar will be safe and loved for the rest of her life.

Sugar’s life started out in the worst of ways, but we are so grateful to our rescue partners and her foster, now adopter(!!), for giving her the chance to come to the US and find her forever home.

Despite her past, this girl is the absolute sweetest, hence her name! Her mama Jo has been the absolute best mama to her already - teaching her that she is safe and that the world is not so scary (even those initially terrifying stairs aren’t actually so bad!).

Jo, we are so grateful to you for giving Sugar the life she deserves.

Happy tails for Sugar! We love you sweet girl!


E.L.F.'s new pawrents met him the first time volunteering at our tail waggers events! They instantly knew how special he was. When they came back to volunteer another fateful Saturday, they knew E.L.F. was their boy when they saw he was still available, and filled out an application then and there! 

Elf was found roaming the mountainside with his two sibilings. Maybeline and MAC, covered in ticks and malnourished. He'll still be joining his pawrents for hikes on the mountains, only safely on leash and with a warm bed waiting at home for him in Hollywood!!

WE'RE SO HAPPY FOR YOU E.L.F. We know we'll be seeing you around!


S'mores will always hold a special place in Samson's squad. After 7 months with us, he has come so far!

When S'mores first got to Samson's he was completely shut down, and utterly fearful of the leash! Through constant training and rehabilitation, he started to conquer his fear, little by little. We knew the right family was out there for him, one with nothing but patience, kindness and love. It took a bit of time, but dog-gone-it, they found him!!

S'mores spent some time getting adjusted in his new spot, and after only 1 week, IT'S OFFICIAL! He already loves his new family, and siblings (and the food they drop from the table.) He has had to remind a few delivery drivers that they are, in fact, on HIS property, but he's happy to do so.

It's so much fun running around his new yard and being in another home full of music! He loves when his new mom sings him lullabies. He'll even be dropping his own mix tape soon. Peep the cover!

We love you, S'mores! You're the perfect example of why no dog is unadoptable.



Junebug (fka Penny) was rescued in South Korea with her Parents and sibling! She was bred to be sold into the dog meat trade before our team overseas intervened!

She landed in LA with her STUNNA shades on. Exploring the town and taking the streets by storm while she waited patiently for her new pawrents to pick her up.

Now delivered safely into their arms, she's going on to woo the hearts of millions in 10 seconds or less.

Love you Junebug!



Bailey (fka Sophie) was rescued in South Korea where she was bred to be sold to the dog meat trade. Our team stepped in and rescued her with her sibling and both parents!

She touched down safely in Los Angeles and was immeadiately picked up by her new furever Mommy! She couldn't wait to meet this sweet bundle of fluff!

Welcome to LA, Bailey! You're 100% stylin', and we are living for it. We love you! 



Bentley had a rought start. Kept in the yard his whole life, and fed exclusively hotdogs, his owners planned to leave him abandoned in the yard after a messy divorce. Luckily, a fellow rescuer intervened before the deed was done! Fast forward 3 weeks with board and train at Beezy's Pack, and 3 weeks of socialization with the squad, Bentley has found his furever home.  His new pawrents recently lost their beloved bully Zeus, and in his honor Bentley's new nickname is Bentz, with a Z for his brother over the rainbow bridge. Our sweet boy who was discarded like someone’s trash is now this family’s new treasure!! Congratz to Bentz and the whole fam!



Mango's owners unfortunately fell ill and could no longer care for her. They didnt want to risk sending her to a shelter that might sell her to the dog meat market, so we stepped in! Mango met her dad while accompanying her foster mom to work every day! WHAT!? A new Dad, and you still get to hang with foster Mom at the office? Yes, please! Now her days are full of love, snuggles and sweet sweet office snacks. Mango, we love you and know you'll be living in the lap of luxury.



Summer had one of the longest and toughest rescue missions ever. She was kept in a rusty cage outdoors in South Korea the first year and 8 months of her life. Our team tirelessly tried to rescue her and finally the owner agreed to surrender her instead of selling her to the dog meat trade. Summer battled heart worms, fear of humans and new places and things and finally took her freedom flight to LA! Her foster mom fell for her in less than 24 hours, and decided to make things official! Now Summer gets to live the rest of her life with her amazing new mom and brother, a true happy tail! We love you Summer!!



Iris was rescued with her baby from being sold to the meat market in South Korea! She is such a sweet girl who found an even sweeter family! Enjoy life by the beach Iris!



Jinro (fka Romeo) was rescued from being sold to the meat market in South Korea with 2 of his babies and their mom. Now he gets to live his best life in LA with his new family! Happy life, Jinro!



Hercules life did not start off easy or fun like a puppy's should! He had to fight for his life basically from day one, which is why we named him Hercules! After he fully recovered from his hardships, he met his new daddy at an adoption event and the connection was instant! Happy life Hercules!

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Meeko (fka Donut) was part of a surprise litter born the day after their mom was rescued from being sold into the meat trade! Meekos family bought him a whole new house and took a road trip to pick him up! Congrats to the whole fam, we love you Meeko!


Stuart Little Legs

Stuart came to us from a person who had rescued him off the street when he was a few months old. She kept him in her yard for about 6 months before realizing she wasn't able to rehome or keep him. He went into foster with our amazing director and learned that being in a home is SO FUN! He loved living with his foster sister, so we are THRILLED to announce his new family! He has two pawrents, a human sister, and a fur sister! He is going to be so loved! Happy life Stu!!



Puffy (fka Churro) was a meat trade survivor via his moms belly! She was rescued the day before giving birth! He an his siblings survived parvo, and now he is living his best life with his new mom in sunny LA! Have the best life ever Puff Dawg!



Somi (fka Cupcake) was born the day after her mother was rescued from being sold into the meat trade! She and her litter survived Parvo and now she is officially part of a family! Congrats to you and your family Somi!



Petunia was rescued from San Diego Texas and this little girl did NOT have an easy start to life. Her litter fought through Parvo and she had the worst case of all of them. Now she is happy, healthy, and living her best life with her new mom! Happy life, Petunia!

5E729095-5E8A-4C01-9E5E-F5056470ED7B 2_edited.jpg


Cher (fka Cookie) was a meat trade survivor and a parvo survivor all before being 3 months old! Cher's mom waited months for her to arrive, and it was worth the wait! These two are in for a lifetime of love! Happy life Cher!



Einstein (fka Strudel) was part of a surprise litter born the day after his mom was rescued. He and his litter survived parvo and now he's living his best life with his new dad! Happy life Einstein!



Bruno (fka Finley) was rescued from San Diego Texas with the rest of his siblings. They were all sick and malnourished. They all fought and survived Parvo! Bruno met his pawrents at an adoption event and the rest is history! Happy life Bruno!


Maddie and Izzy

Maddie and Izzy (fka Poppy and Daffodil) had a rough start to life! When they were rescued they were malnourished, fighting multiple parasites, and then they contracted Parvo. They never left each others side the whole time and even went to foster together. So we were OVERJOYED when this amazing family fell in love and adopted them both! Happy life girls!



Harper (fka Rosie) did not have it easy her first two months of life! She battled parasites, malnutrition, and Parvo! This strong little girl fell in love with her family immediately, and they patiently waited for her to be strong enough to come home! And that day finally came! Have you ever seen a cuter family? Happy life, Harper!



Lily was rescued at 7 weeks old with the rest of her litter and another litter from San Diego, Texas! Lucky little Lily had a family waiting for her in LA and she was able to go home with them less than 12 hours after arriving. It was love at first sight! Happy life, Lily!



Sheena was a 10 year old girl originally found abandoned and covered in tumors in a parking lot. Long story short and a major surgery later, Sheena is feeling better than ever and she found her furever family! Here she is with her pawrents and doggie brother! We love you, Sheena, have the best life ever!



Eve was rescued as a baby from a very scary past! Born in a dog meat farm and then sold to a gas station just to be chained up outside, finally rescued by our team in South Korea, and a freedom flight to LAX at 6 months old ... Eve has finally found her furever! She's a daddy's girl already, and we are so happy for the both of them. Happy life Eve!



Diamond was rescued at 5 months old from San Diego, Texas with her brothers and friends. After a month in foster and a failed adoption, she finally found her furever! The connection between Diamond and her new family was instantaneous and undeniable! How cute is she with her new mom and sister, Lucy? Congrats to the whole fam!



BiBi (fka Daphne) was rescued from a meat farm in South Korea when she was a tiny pup. She spent a few months at the shelter where she was a staff favorite. Then her family fell in love with her photo and the rest is history! How cute are these new puppy sisters? Happy life, BiBi!



Kloud (fka Liv) took her freedom flight from South Korea to LAX and flew straight into the loving arms of her new pawrents! This timid pup was rescued from the illegal meat trade, but she never has to be afraid again! Happy life, Kloud!



Chance was a 5 month old terrier puppy rescued from San Diego, Texas with his litter and friends! They flew on a private plane from Phoenix to LA and when they landed, Chance went straight into his (foster) Mom's arms! A week later they made it official! Enjoy sunny LA with your pawrents, Chance!



Otis was a sweet 5 month old terrier pup rescued from San Diego, Texas! He and his litter took a long road trip and even a private plane to get to LA! Lucky for Otis he found his furever only 2 days after he arrived! Aren't they adorable?



Sweet little Benny (fka Steve) was a 4 month old pup rescued from San Diego, Texas at an overcrowded animal control center. He was the odd man out and rescued with a full litter, but his personality made him stand out! His mom fell in love with him from one photo and the connection was even stronger when they met! Have the best life Benny!


Courtney Lovely

Little miss Courtney Lovely (fka Lovely) was a 3.5 month old shihtzu puppy who was surrendered to us due to her owner no longer being able to keep her. Less than a week later her new pawrents fell in love with her at an adoption event and knew immediately she was the missing piece to their family! Here they all are together, aren't they just the cutest?!

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